OVER 100 Game settings to play your Sport


What is Flexbord?


FLEXBORD is a SportNetwork, where in you will have your own account as you register for your Club, School, Federation, Association or Neighbourhoud or just yourself. Because it is a network you can connect to other Teams, Players, Organizer and Referees to compete in Tournaments, Divions and Games.

Sport Organizing Tool

When you run a Federation, Association, Club or School you need to manage Members, Players, Teams, Games and many more things. FLEXBORD is a Sport Organizing Tool it makes all these tasks easy to control. It is all you need.

Advanced Scoreboard System

FLEXBORD is an Advanced Scoreboard System. When your teams and players are registered the magic begins. With a Computer Device (Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop or Desktop) you will have an intuitive Control Panel to register game actions. All these actions will be displayed on a Big Screen of your choice that will function as the best Scoreboard you have ever seen.