DATE 15/04/2017

CLIENT Founder


My name is Brian Veldboom, I am the chariman of a small basketball club in Amsterdam Bijlmer. Amsterdam Bijlmer is a neighbourhood, where the majority of parents do not support the activities of their kids and the clubs where their kids sports. So when you volunteer to keep the club running it will be you and a few volunteers. It has always been a problem to find enough parents to drive their children to games when we were visiting other clubs and even when we played at home we were out numbered by the parents of visiting teams.

In order to join a basketball competition in the Netherlands, you are obliged to handle a lot of administration work: all games need to be administrated by hand, the score sheet must be posted and your games result must be filled in on a site. For being late and for administration faults your club is being fined for extra money for Dutch Basketball Federation (NBB).

If you need to organize this for all your teams with just a few persons, you will make mistakes and you will need to pay more money you do not have. An other bad thing about the way things are organized is that not talent decides whether you will play in top competitions, but way your club is organized. To play in higher competitions you need to have Shot Clocks and you need to have referees, not talent. We had and still have talent, but no parents (referees) and money for shot clocks.

These problems and the fact that the registration of actions of a basketball game is a lot of work made me come up with the idea to build a system to organize everything for our club better. The result is Flexbord. Flexbord is not a scoreboard, it is an application, a tool, to make organizing sport easy for everyone. Now we share it with everyone!