SCOREBOARD Everyone wants to know the score.

DATE 15/04/2017

CLIENT Founder


The first question people asked when it comes to a game is: "What is the SCORE?"
Actually that is not a strange question, because the answer tells us whether our team or player is good or that the opponent is better. It could also tell if the game is exciting.
How come it is that you need to ask for the score? Why does not every venue has a scoreboard? The answer is not to difficult. Scoreboards and scoreboard equipment is very expensive.
With Flexbord, the best scoreboard you can get is an internet application. Flexbord gives you the freedom to project the score on any screen you want. A scoreboard system setup with Flexbord and a 65 inch screen cost around 85% less than a modern scoreboard you can buy today. The best part of a Flexbord scoreboard is that it is far more advanced.