CONTROL PANEL Easy, Intuitive and Fun.

DATE 16/04/2017

CLIENT Founder


The first Control Panel in the slide, is of course a FLEXBORD control panel. It is easy, intuitive and fun to use.
Of course it is configured and engineered and it took years to come to this status. The nicest thing about it that the user gets an interface that fit his/her sport. FLEXBORD has create a logical total overview with easy buttons that everyone can understand. The only instruction you need to learn working with the control panel is: "Click first the Player and then the Action." Then you are good to go.
Compare it with the other special made modern control panels. Two things are certain! One is that they cost way more money and second you need some instructions before you can handle it properly.
The bigest advantage of FLEXBORD compared to the standard scoreboards and their way of presenting information is that the old systems only show points. They do not let you know who scored, made a foul or show other data.